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CSSI Seminar Videos

Spring 2012

Hilary Mason

Understanding the World in Realtime[video]

Bruce Desmarais

Forecasting the Locational Dynamics of Transnational Terrorism: A Network Analytic Approach[video]

Athina Markopoulou

Sampling Online Social Networks[video]

Siddharth Suri

Cooperation in Static and Dynamic Networks[video]

Arnout van de Rijt

The Social Stratification of Fame[video]

Hans Noel

A Social Network Approach to Political Party Dynamics[video]

Mark Steyvers

Combining Human Judgments in General Knowledge and Forecasting Tasks[video]

Fall 2011

Andrew Papachristos

The Small World of Al Capone: Power and Influence in Embedded Social Networks[video]

Kevin Lewis

Stratification in the Early Stages of Mate Choice[video]

Jure Leskovec

Web as a Laboratory for Studying Humanity[video]

Peter Mucha

Community Detection in Multislice Networks[video]

Philip Schrodt

Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Political Analysis[video]

Janet Box-Steffensmeier

The Evolution and Formation of Amicus Curiae Networks[video]

Brendan Murphy

Exploring Clustering Structure in Ranking Data[video]

Spring 2011

Amanda Cox

Data Visualization at the New York Times[video]

Mark Handcock

Statistical Methods for Combining Survey and Population-Level Data[video]

Carter Butts

Detecting Structural Biases Across Networks: Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Social Network Data Using Reference Quantiles[video]

Duncan Watts

Using the Web to do Social Science[video]

Edo Airoldi

Estimating latent processes on a graph from indirect measurements[video]

David Jensen

Causal Graphical Models for Computational Social Science[video]

David Lazer

How we think together[video]

Justin Grimmer

Representational Style: What Legislators Say and Why it Matters[video]

James Fowler

Massive Scale Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization[video]

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