Computational Social Science Institute

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sampling of Sponsored Projects

Active Quasi-Experimentation for Graph Understanding and Analysis (AFRL, DARPA – Jensen)
Contents and Contexts of Cyberbullying: An Epidemiologic Study Using Electronic Detection and Social Network Analysis (NIJ – Paik)
Evolution of Nutrition Intake: Commercial Actions and Consumer Reactions (USDA – Rojas)
Examining Changes in Network Configuration and Composition with Health-related Behaviors of American Adults (NIH – Pachucki)
Familial and Community-Based Social Networks of Older Adults in Rural Iowa (College of Public Health, University of Iowa – Paik)
Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition (IARPA – McCallum, Jensen, Marlin, Wallach)
Measuring Urban Attitudes using Twitter: An Exploratory Study (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy – Renski)
Patient Experience Recommender System for Persuasive Communication Houston (NIH – Marlin)
Promoting Employee Health through the Worksite Food Environment (NIH – Pachucki)
Proteus: Supporting Scholarly Information Seeking through Text-Reuse Analysis and Interactive Corpus Construction (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation – Allan)
Rapid Exploitation and Analysis of Documents (LLNL – McCallum)
Relational Learning and Network Analysis on Diverse Data Sets (MIT Lincoln Laboratory – Jensen)
RoundUp Predictive Tool (RPT) Project (Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention – Wallach)
Scanner Data Analysis of the Impact of Household Food Purchases on Nutrition & Obesity (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Pachucki)
Seeking Controversial Topics and Stances (Google Faculty Research Award – Allan)
Social Networks and Health Behaviors in Pre-Adolescents (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Pachucki)
Stochastic Judgment Model of Recall: Separating Memory, Confidence, and Correlation (NIH – Huber)
Topic Analysis of NIH Grant Proposals (NIH – Wallach, McCallum)